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Development advantages of machinery manufacturing

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       The development of automation technology has broad prospects, low investment, quick results, and improved automation. It can receive more economic results with less effort, and is suitable for China's current development needs and national conditions. In the second half of the 20th century, the Japanese Toyota Motor Group's lean production LP (Lean Production) model is to achieve a specific performance of production with a small input. It is beneficial to learn from the experience of developing automation technology in machinery manufacturing abroad. Various enterprises in China's machinery manufacturing industry have a large number of general equipment. When developing modern machinery automation technology, the original equipment should be mainly used, the layout of the machine tool should be adjusted reasonably, a small amount of numerical control equipment should be added, and CAD / CAM technology should be introduced to give full play to computer automation. The advantages of management together constitute a people-centered, information automation-led, independent unitized production system, which provides a low investment, quick effect, high benefit, and is in line with China's national conditions for the development and application of automation technology in China's machinery manufacturing industry. New ways of development and application of mechanical automation technology. In the long run, it is necessary for every entrepreneur and the country to work together to do a good job in manufacturing and achieve sustainable development step by step.
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