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Broken material cleaning production line
Release date:2020-08-22 10:08:07
Broken material cleaning production line
Mainly deal with PP/PE waste plastic film, PP/PE plastic garbage mixture, waste PP woven bag (cement bag, space bag, snakeskin bag), PP/PE plastic bag, domestic waste plastic, PE plastic waste bag, waste farming Film mulching greenhouse film, PVC agricultural film, sorting (sorting), crushing (crushing with water), cleaning, dewatering, drying and other recycling and recycling treatments of waste plastics. The entire production line can be very simple from the beginning to the finished product. Clean waste plastic products. This machine is mainly used for cleaning and rinsing large and medium-sized plastics. Each model can be customized with different specifications for large/medium/small tanks. Suitable for PET flakes. It can automatically separate all submerged and floating materials, and remove the sediment from the materials. Paper scraps, large circulating water tanks are suitable for film cleaning, and some thin materials are cleaned.
Features of the production line:
 1. Convenient operation, electronic control platform operation, saving time and effort, can be operated alone or used together with other machines;
2. The scientific design enables the floating plastic to be fully cleaned in the cleaning water tank, and impurities such as sand, stains, and metals can be thoroughly cleaned;
3. Energy saving and environmental protection, the motors are all energy-saving, and water resources are recycled, which makes the production cost lower.
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