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Plastic crusher
Release date:2020-08-22 10:08:59
This machine is suitable for crushing waste and secondary products of woven bags, plastic films, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastics and polychlorinated foam soft materials, as well as various plastic waste products such as blown films, beverage bottles, sheets, and sheets. Main features: Convenient feeding, can crush larger materials better. Waste materials can be directly thrown into crushing without being crushed.
  Structural features
1. The knives are made of refined steel from famous factories, which are particularly strong and durable.
2. All kinds of soft and hard plastic crusher, easy and easy.
3. Front and rear sound insulation design, with minimal noise.
4. The design is streamlined, occupies very little space, and is easy to maintain.
5. The motor is equipped with an overload protection device and a power supply connection protection system to protect the motor and machine tools.
6. You can choose different material cutter machines with different outer diameter screens.
7. The machine feet are equipped with pulleys for easy movement.
8. The design of the buffer room and the vertical curtain design of the fine material mouth to avoid the flying test of the material
The main technical parameters
model                               HS-650        HS-800        HS-1000            HS-1200   
Main knife length                   325            400                500                    600      
Number of moving blades        6                  6                   8                        8       
Fixed number of blades          4                   4                    4                       4       
Yield                                  500Kg/h      1600Kg/h      1500Kg/h         2000Kg/h    

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